Flexible Working Carry Boxes

When more companies are looking for new solutions for smarter and more flexible working We can offer the ideal file box The SMART BOX offers a handy filing solution with the added benefit of a combination lock for security. To clear the desk you can also screen hang the unit. Also see lockers for a totally clear and secure office. FEATURES INCLUDE - The integrated lid with hinge drop down facility to make access easy - completely flexible interior that can accommodate any combination of A4 and US legal hanging files, binders, magazines, notebook PCs and more - Compact and smooth design so it fits in persona; lockers, pedestal and lateral storage systems. - Combination lock and tether point to keep it secure. - Ergonomic handles to make carrying it easy and comfortable - Storage clip to hang it on workplace screens and dividers, lifting it off the work surface - Manufactured from polypropylene with aluminium internals to make it durable and lightweight. - Now available desk bracket. See below. To keep your work close to you The traditional fixed office environment is disappearing with more people working on the move, from home, or from flexible offices. Never before has portable personal storage been more important than in todays fast paced working environment. WORK SMARTER AND REDUCE YOUR COSTS. The Smart Box allows users to transport their work and personal items safely and easily around the workplace, from a personal locker to a workstation, meeting location or home. working with existing workstation, and screen systems and means the workforce can be as flexible as the workplace.