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Sorter Cup Collection Bin

£ 470.00
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Further to extensive market research with hundreds of clients including coffee shops, international food retailers and facility managers this cup collection bin was designed. With a smart, sleek design that compliments the area it is positioned. A key requirement was that the bin was easily and quickly cleaned. The liquids container is hidden away and has a lid to prevent spillages. If the container overflows a further 2 litre of liquid can be caught in a sump area. A great product for any area.
- Contact us to confirm choices on order. 
- Smart, sleek design
- Easily and quickly cleaned
- 5 Litre liquids container hidden away and has a lid to prevent transporting spillages
- 2 litre overflow sump to prevent dirty floors and slips
- Layout of waste apertures is very intuitive and provides a clear guide to the user on how to recycle their lids, liquids and cups. Firstly insert your lid at the back of the unit. Secondly pour away any liquids at the front. Finally insert your cup left or right. 
- Making recycling at work and on the go easier and more engaging through clear. consistent signage and fuctionality
- Lightweight at 11kg it is easy to move around
- Cup capacity 300 cups
- Lid capacity 300
- Liquid capacity 7 litre. 5 litre bucket and 2 litre overflow
- Front board slides out and can be easily changed
- Optional backboard 400mm width x 300 height. Available in choice of designs for different locations
- Bag holder for collecting lids
- Hook situated on the side of the bin to hold the work top as you change the front panel or empty the liquids
- Handle situated at the top of the front graphic so it can be easily removed
- Cup bags. Tubes can be lined with a recyclable bag making emptying easy and hygenic
- Can be customised to match your branding, interior design or location 

Width 559mm
Height 855mm
Depth 430mm

Contact us if you need any further information on cup collection bins and our team will be pleased to help