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Open plan work spaces and glass meeting rooms are becoming the norm in the workplace these days. They encourage collaboration, innovation and they look great. However, the downside is the disruption from poor acoustic quality.
We have all experienced acoustic reverberation or echo in large open plan spaces or enclosed meeting spaces with hard surfaces. It is very disruptive to productivity and makes it difficult to concentrate.
In the past, resolving this problem was shrouded in mystery, expensive and required the over complicated appliance of science – well not any more.
Now we can offer a totally revolutionary and effective solution that is beautifully simple in its design and can be placed anywhere and look great.
The technology uses a single material, Polyester, which in addition to its excellent sound absorption qualities is 100% recyclable. This innovative technological breakthrough is housed in a clean and simple panel 
Like all technology a simple explanation and simple application is what is needed. The properties of the panel are such that it can be utilised in many applications by virtue of its light weight, efficient performance, choice of colour and mounting variations. The correct evaluation of requirement can be calculated for you.
Background noise and resonance or echo, are all areas where sound absorption is required to provide a workable or comfortable interior. This applies to many modern buildings that are short on soft furnishing and carpet and high on hard surfaces like glass, stainless steel and cement. In effect large surfaces that reflect sound rather than absorb it. This applies to Offices, Halls, Theatres, University lecture halls, theatres, Stairwells, Entrance Atriums and the like. This is not to mention Recording Studios, Restaurants, Shopping Centres and Shops presenting a whole plethora of opportunity for a simple, yet cost effective system that can be retro fitted into an existing building or designed into a new build by the architect.

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