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Venus Floorstanding Uplighter Room Lighter Light Control

Years of expertise and cooperation has brought about this office lighting that concentrates the best lighting technology available into the slimmest panel possible. Can be fitted with Fluorescent or LED bulbs. The most sophisticated version is fitted with a daylight or presence sensor diffusing light that is perfectly adjusted to every different level of light through out the day. Versions include floor standing and desk mounted.

- Lights can be fitted with an eco system that allow 2 types of application
Automatic Light Control
A unit that can swivel 30 Degrees in all directions can measure luminosity and senses people`s presence. Controlling the light allows lighting levels to be maintained at an adjustable reference level. If natural light is sufficient or if there is nobody in the room following an adjustable period of time( From 10 seconds to 60 minutes) the control unit will turn off the light.Each function may be independently enabled or disabled by adjusting the micro-switches.
Automatic Lighting Level Reduction
When someone enters the units field of detection. the light is set according to the recorded value. When no one is there the lighting level is reduced to 50%, 30% or 10% depending on the micro switch settings and after an adjustable period of time (From 10 seconds to 60 Minutes).The reduced lighting level may be permanent or the light can be automatically turned off depending on the micro-switch settings and only when twice the period has elapsed.

The Eco System allows artificial light and day light to compliment each other perfectly while also enabling energy savings of up to 70%

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