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Recycling Bin Space

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Office recycling bin

- Made entirely of high-tech polymer.
- Consists of a bin with an internal partition and accompanying ring at the top with a little crossbar to hold the liner.
- The upper rim of the basket has a notch that allows you to insert one or more interlocking internal partitions. The top ring that holds the bin liner in place can be fitted with one or more interlocking crossbars in line with the internal partitions. The partitions and bin liner holders can be slotted inside in 9 different positions to create sections according to capacity requirements. 
- One crossbar supplied extra bars to order separately
- The special notches on the waste bin and internal partitions makes the fitting of bin liners so quick and simple. The particular wavy shape of the partition reduces the contact surface with wet bin liners making removal and maintenance work much easier.
- Marking stickers to indicate waste and bin support to fit to desk are also available to order.
- Colour choice grey or white
- Contact us for more information and pricing and our team will be pleased to help

Width 22cm x Depth 44.5cm x Height 31cm

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