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Pigeon Holes Meteor

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This pigeon holes solid sort unit provides the user with the flexibility to sort various sized mail in a single unit.

The unit is the first in its marketplace to offer customers the opportunity of sorting mail horizontally or vertically depending on the size of the post.
This unique design enables our customers the ability to instantly alter their sorting preferences daily if required at no extra expense or time delay due to set-up.
This single column pigeon hole unit can either be used as a single sort station or it can be the starting point of your multiple column mail sort unit building up to 3, 4 or 5 columns.
The extra strong mail sort columns are constructed from a Medium Density Fibre board wooden top and base, the back is produced from a clear Perspex sheet to encourage light into the pigeon hole which provides greater visibility. The wood surface is protected by melamine foil which is wear resistant and very easy to clean.
The Shelves are wooden and are easily adjustable to either horizontal or vertical sortation, which means you can decide your own compartment height and width. The single unit system can either act as 12 pigeon hole vertical sort system, the height of each unit can easily be adjusted by pulling out the shelves and placing into the next slot.
Each column comes with 4 adjustable shelves to create 5 compartments.
- Minimum order 3 Units
- Wooden pigeon hole unit
- Fully adjustable
- Attractive oak finish
- Wear resistant and easy to clean
- Stand to be ordered separately

- Shelf labels are supplied
- Supplied assembled

Internal compartment size on a vertical single unit sortation  270mm width x 90mm height x 390mm depth = 12 pigeon holes
Internal compartment size on a horizontal single unit sortation  90mm width x 370mm height x 390mm depth = 9 pigeon holes

Contact us if you need any further information on pigeon holes and our team will be pleased to help