Class Mail Room Furniture

After extensive research, CLASS pigeon holes and mail room furniture was developed. Each unit can accommodate either shelves for horizontal sorting or dividers for vertical sorting. The modular units are epoxy coated steel and the shelves and dividers are produced in colour coded shatterproof plastic. The system utilises 66cm and 100cm steel modules for strength and durability. These are then sub-divided with injection moulded plastic dividers to produce compartments of appropriate capacity. The combination of steel and plastic produces an affordable solution to Postal Sorting and Collation. Thumb-cut shelves and dished trays change easily by simply sliding in the desired component. Optimum sort coding is achieved with the 5 distinct colours. Snap-in backstops increase sort and pull efficiency. Snap-in vertical bin dividers enable you to store supplies at the desired location for easy access. Perfect for envelopes, courier packs, airbills, binders and directories. Proper indexing is the key to sort accuracy and speed. Select from a variety of snap-on index label widths and lengths for complete mail slot indexing. Free planning available. Professional installation service also available. Please contact our consultants for a quotation for your pigeon holes and we will be pleased to help. Please see The Gallery for more images.