Cardboard Recycling Bin Under Desk

This ‘Pedestal Office Recycling Bin’ was developed for two purposes, firstly so that commonly used recycling bins could be kept beneath a desk out of sight, and secondly to ensure they were used effectively. The ‘Pedestal Recycling Bin’ facilitates the effective depositing of recyclable waste. This discreet unit allows more bins to be conveniently situated in an office environment, rather than having to visit more remote and less used receptacles. By allowing your office workers to separate waste at source it will lead to greater care, participation, willingness and accuracy in the separation of your waste. The blank ‘identity’ panel at the front and back of the lid enables the nature of your recycling bin to be flexible. Four labels are supplied for suggested recycling uses, and a further four (pealable) labels can be customised by running them through your own coloured inkjet or laser printer. Three visibility holes in the front will allow cleaners to gauge if the bin requires emptying.

Capacity: 42 litres 
Size: 620mm H x 250mm W x 400 D
Material: Fluted Corrugated Board Recycled Content: Up to 80%
Sustainable Source: Yes
Biodegradable: Yes
Manufactured in: UK
Manufacturing Miles: 99