Fresh Office Furniture

Look at this amazing new range of office furniture. Stunning design and colours to add style to any office. 

- 13 finishes with 18mm desk tops and 2mm edging
- 740mm standing height 30mm adjustable feet
- Goal post leg with floating top effect and 40mm square leg
- Robust double beam system
- 10 year manufacturers guarantee
- Cable tidy and plain top options

Contact our furnishing team for more information.

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Acoustic Comfort And Control

Acoustic suppression is no longer a technological nightmare but something that can be applied simply and retrospectively to existing and new builds with our acoustic panels. It is acknowledged that 70% of workers consider they could be more productive in a less noisy environment. To be in a meeting room with undue resonance  or echo is upsetting to staff and makes audio visual presentations by Skype for instance impossible. There are many reasons why acoustic comfort is needed but to have one product that can be used across a wide band of applications is a breakthrough. Background noise and resonance or echo are all areas where sound absorption is required to provide a workable or comfortable interior. This applies to many modern buildings that are short on soft furnishings and carpet yet high on hard surfaces like glass, stainless steel and cement. In effect large surfaces that reflect sound rather than absorb it. This applies in offices, conference rooms, halls, university lecture halls, theatres, stairwells, entrance atriums,  and schools presenting a whole plethora of opportunity for a simple yet cost effective system that can be retro fitted into an existing building or designed into a new build by the professional architect. 

Our acoustic panel range Sky uses a newly developed "A" rated core material that has highly efficient properties of absorption. The light weight thin panels avoid any structural difficulties with fixing and are easily cleaned. This surface fabric is woven from a polyester fibre and has been molecularly engineered to be permanently fire retardant. By using polyester that can be heat bonded to the polyester cored panel a perfect union between covering and acoustic material is made. The properties of our Sky panels are such that it can be utilised in many situations by virtue of its light weight, efficient performance across a wide band of frequencies, choice of colours and fitting options. The correct evaluation can be calculated after on site or drawings and measurements and materials inventory. We can arrange a visit with sample panels to demonstrate and help calculate the optimum panel area required. An acoustic engineer can help to confirm the surface area required. 

To find out more call us and our team will be pleased to help.

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5 Star Review

We love our customers reviewing our products and services. Just received another 5 Star review yesterday.  If you have any doubt just contact us and we will be pleased to help exceed your expectations.

"Brilliant service from first enquiring about our desks to our actual delivery. Would not have any hesitation in recommending other customers." Jaqueline T
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Sit - Stand Height Adjustable Desks

There are huge benefits to being able to sit and stand during the working day which can lead to health benefits, dramatically improve health and well being and reduce absenteeism. Major International research has produced evidence that sitting for more than 4 hours a day leads to
- Disrupted blood sugar levels
- Increased insulin
- Increased blood pressure levels
- Enzymes responsible for burning fats shutting down
- Leg muscles switch off. 
It does not matter what levels of physical activity, the results leads to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, weight gain and back ache. 

Take a look at our range of sit stand desks to see how we can help.

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Acoustic Office Screens

Stunning acoustic office screens in a range of great fabrics. Cut down on the noise in the office so people can work more comfortably using these stylish screens.

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New Meeting Tables

Check out our new Board Room table being added at the moment. Exciting time here at Workspace Design HQ as we up date many products to offer an even better range to furnish your office.

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