Are You GDPR Ready ?

See our great range of lockable pigeon holes for your office to keep all paperwork secure and confidential. Be GDPR compliant. Available in a range of colours to suit any interior. Fresh translucent colours and stunning melamine finishes.

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GDPR Ready

Did you know that we can help you get GDPR ready with our stylish lockable pigeon holes to help keep documents safe and secure. Call us to discuss the range of options.

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Our bins are fab !!!

Another customer comment about our office recycling bins that we are delighted with. Happy customers are what we aim for as they come back time and time again and we love to look after them. Take a look at out website as I am sure there will be something that you need in your office ???. 
"The white bins are fab, so thank you for those."
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Happy Customer in the Netherlands

We are so pleased to hear from our happy customers. This was sent to us from one of our lovely customers in the Netherlands.  Yes we can export our office furniture and office recycling bins as well as UK sales. Call us to find out more.

"We have the bins. Received them this morning. We unpacked them and they look amazing and very solid.

Thanks for the order handling! Very happy with the bins."

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Off to Barcelona

Another job ready to go. These bins are off to Barcelona to add style to an worldwide internet company`s international Spanish offices. Think you will agree they look very smart. If you would like to update your office recycling bins then call us and we will be pleased to discuss the different options and customisation. This range is flying out the door at the moment and lots of repeat business from our happy customers so it is tried and tested and works well. Our team look forward to hearing from you and working on your next project.
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Why Use Task Lights

Recent years had seen a move towards overhead lighting in offices rather than task lights. However it has been at a cost and companies are discovering that perhaps the best approach is mixing overhead lighting with task lighting on each desk.

There can be a relationship between productivity and lighting as staff complain about eye strain and related problems. After everything else is put in place to ensure staff are comfortable lighting is often neglected.

Lighting needs can vary from person to person from day to day. People can see differently if they are tired or sick rather than more healthy and alert on a particular day. Older people may need more light than younger people or if anyone has particular eyesight problems. Not only do different people have different visual requirements but a selection of tasks in an office all need different lighting requirements.

The beauty of task lighting is that it is controllable. This can be over the immediate work area on an adjustable arm for optimal comfort. This provides flexible focussed light. With a choice of base, desk clamp, desk screen mounted, or floor standing there has to be a version to suit everyone.

Even if magnification is used lighting is still important. Small print size, faded print, or poor contrast print such as dark print on dark background all will be compensated by good lighting.

Using task lights can also significantly help with the utility bills as trying to maintain overhead lighting to the right level directed to desk tops could cost more than an effective task light with low energy consumption. Using low energy task lights can make a significant saving.

Task lights can be easily installed, cleaned and bulbs changed. They can be easily moved with not too much worry about overhead lights.

Task lights can have a great environmental effect by reducing energy consumption of the buildings lighting demands. In the USA it is thought that lighting accounts for 20 – 25 percent of the electricity used annually. Lighting in industrial situations. shops, offices, and warehouses accounts for 80 – 90 percent of the total use. If energy efficient lighting was used in every area that it was profitable then the energy used for lighting could be cut by 50%.

Therefore weighting all the facts up a lighting layout that incorporates overhead and task lights makes great sense. It also makes Psychological sense by giving individuals control over their work space lighting.

Call Workspace Designs to discuss your lighting requirements and our newly updated range of task lights and up lighters to suit any office space. 

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